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TAF supported trials featured on 60 Minutes

This past weekend, 60 minutes, a CBS news magazine broadcast, featured cancer trials that Team Arnav is helping to fund. In the segment, Anderson Cooper met with scientists from the National Institutes of Health who are using dogs to help find a cure for human cancer, formally known as comparative oncology. Doctors in the segment explain that studying the cancer genes of dogs is easier than in humans, allowing for scientists to identify the cause and solution at a faster rate. By identifying a cure, doctors can quickly transition the treatment for humans, creating a promising future for cancer treatments.

The program highlighted Kristie Gomes, an Osteosarcoma patient who has been receiving treatment originally used on dogs. Although Kristie experiences recurring Osteosarcoma, since her new treatment, her scans have been coming up clear. Excitingly, the treatment used for Kristie and for tens of other Osteosarcoma patients have received funding for Team Arnav! The trial, AOST-2121, seeks to improve the relapse rates of Osteosarcoma patients, and currently has twenty seven patients enrolled. The national publicity of the segment means more people learning about Osteosarcoma, and more people taking steps to help us cure this terrible disease. This is an incredible win for cancer research, and we cannot wait to continue learning about the advancing treatment for patients.

With so much progress being made in research and treatment, we reflect on how grateful we are for our support, donors, and sponsors for making it possible. With every new treatment, we take one more step towards curing Osteosarcoma.

Team Arnav is always looking for opportunities in and out of Pennsylvania to help fund new research. We are constantly dedicated and determined to find a cure!

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