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It's a wrap!

[Photo Credit: Olaf Starorypinski]

Phew – that was a blast! We started off the day by getting our steps in and spent the rest of it celebrating in honor of a great cause and a strong purpose: eradicating osteosarcoma. We had some speedy participants among us who were rewarded for their impressive performances.

Congratulations to:

25 & over:

Female: 1st- Stephanie Piccione 2nd- Audrey Campbell

Male: 1st- Chris Fowler 2nd- Matt Tuerk


Female: 1st- Kaia Berrio 2nd- Sofia Boensch

Male: 1st- Shane Houghton 2nd- Kevin Nacipncha

Under 18:

Female: 1st- Virginia Kraus 2nd- Abigail Marsh

Male: 1st- Joseph Rossi 2nd- Aaron Kraus

We want to take the opportunity to, once again, thank not only the selfless volunteers that help to make our work possible but the generous sponsors and donors that do their part as well. With everyone’s help, we raised over $50k this year!


Batch Microcreamery

DeCastro Family

East Penn Self Storage

Ferrari Family

Flores Family

Helmer Family

Jill Helmer Consulting


Kehoe Family

Keystone Running & Walking

Krishna Family


Lehigh Valley Hospital Topper Cancer Institute

Long Family

Lycette Family

Maher Charitable Fund

Melchoir Family

Mittal Family

Moravian Acadamy & The Swain School

Patriot Buick GMC

Reese Family

Rosie’s Bootcamp

Sharma Family

Smith Family

Starorypinski-Leslie Family

Valley Forge Financial Group

Vinart Automotive Group

...and many more

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