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Oh! hey - NFL season is on!

Arnav at Eagles Training camp getting Nick Foles to sign his cap

As the NFL season started, I thought it would be apt to write about Arnav’s love for his Eagles and other Philadelphia teams.

“There’s always time to convert to an Eagles fan. It’s never too late!”

Spoken like a true Eagles fan, spoken like Arnav. I wish Eagles team knew how much Arnav cheered for them. Even as he was taking his last few breaths, he tried to convert his nurses, doctors, teachers and his advisor at MA.

I still remember that evening when he attended the 76’ers game, three days before he left us. On the way up to the suite, he was trying to convince his English teacher/advisor (a Cowboy’s fan) how she needed to appreciate his team. Tough sell, but he managed to convince her to tolerate them...Well done Arnav!

He was so happy that night, his excitement was expressed in many ways, one of them was his clapping. He clapped so hard that his IV came out. When he got back to the hospital, the nurse took notice of his hanging IV and immediately got to work. While she was trying to find the tiny veins in his weak arms, Arnav struck a conversation with her. In that moment, where needles were all over his arm - he was trying to convince her (a cowboy’s fan too) to become an Eagles fan. His dad warned him that she controls the needles, but Arnav could care less. He, with his typical grin, carried on, convincing her politely but persistently. We all were wondering how this will turn out, but like I said, he was in his happy zone.

I guess this last week was good for the Eagles and Arnav may be smiling as they made a comeback in the 3rd and 4thquarter.

We miss Arnav a lot, especially during the games. Watching football without him is not the same.

In the end, it doesn't matter who your children follow and what makes them happy. What matters is that your children outgrow you and enjoy the game thinking of you. Not the other way round. Help us in our dream to make this a reality.

Knowledge is power, but donations are better. Please consider donating at Team Arnav Foundation and help fund research to cure this disease!


Arnav Krishna was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer that strikes only 400 teenagers annually, at the age of 14. After he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, Arnav adopted the mantra 'Relentless Positivity' to help him through the tough chemotherapy treatments and difficult surgeries he would need. He and his family would hold these words in their hearts through his long fight.

In a 2017 essay, Arnav wrote that 'cancer has taught me many things. It has taught me to appreciate what I have and enjoy the simple things in life… It has also taught me the value of friendship. Through [my treatments], many of my friends visited me and I had a great time when they would come over. They gave me hope and kept me positive even in the darkest of times.'

Arnav lost his battle to cancer in December of 2018. He was 16 years old with a lifetime ahead of him. His family and friends have adopted his mantra of “Relentless Positivity” and created the Team Arnav Foundation. Together, they are committed to eradicating osteosarcoma. Will you join them?

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