In-Person and Virtual Event - Rules/FAQ

Thank you for your registering for Team Arnav's 2nd Annual Event. Hope you are just as excited as we are. The event starts this Saturday (July 10th) and will run through July 24th with an in-person 5k Walk/Run hosted by Moravian Academy. For our participants joining us for the virtual part, we have some details for you. Please read.


In-Person Day Details


Date: Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Venue: Moravian Acadamy, 4313 Green Pond Road, Bethlehem, PA


  • Registration and number pick up: 8:00 am, 

  • Race/Walk starts - 9:00 am. 

  • Raffles and prize - 10:30 am


Rules of Engagement for "Virtual"
Walk, Run, or Bike Event!

How many miles can we do together? 1K, 5K, or 10K???


Can you commit to 10 miles a week?
It is just 3.33 miles a day 3 times a week


Can you commit to 15 miles a week?


Can you commit to 100 miles a week?


Every mile counts for fitness. Let's try to get fit together! You can do this from anywhere, including the basement of your home. Team Arnav will track your mileage just the same. There are prizes for each event for the final winner for each event!


How to Track Miles


Please send in your mileage each Sunday by Noon EST by submitting them through this online form below.


 Click Here to Submit your Miles


Once you do:


  • We will record and tally all submitted miles

  • We will post the winners on a weekly basis

  • The person who covers the most miles for walk, bike, and run by the end of the virtual event will be the final winner for each activity


All participants will get a Team Arnav T-shirt. For locals, please pick up your T-shirt at the onsite event* held on 24th at Moravian Academy (upper school). If unable or from out of town, we will mail T-shirts to you.


*Details about the in-person event will be sent later


Ways to have fun with the event:


Challenge a buddy to join you by tagging them on social media

  • Team up

  • Share a picture

  • Post a selfie during your walk, run, or bike event

  • Wear Team Arnav T-shirts to honor Arnav or raise OS awareness


Frequently asked Questions


  • What are the different ways we can support Team Arnav Foundation virtual events?

    • You can support the Team Arnav Foundation Virtual event in multiple ways:

      • Register as a participant

      • Sponsor the event - Sponsor

      • Or Donate any amount, every Dollar counts!


  • Does the virtual event start July 10th? Can we register after July 10th?

    • Yes, the virtual event starts on July 10th. We will accept your recorded miles starting this date. As such, you can register anytime before July 24th. Note, your miles will only be accepted once you have registered.





Note: We encourage your following CDC guidelines for safety.