Ethan Scott Fisher

In the summer of 2017, Ethan hurt his leg after being hit with a Wiffle ball while playing a pickup game with his friends. The pain in his leg got worse to the point where it became unbearable. After a number of doctor visits, Ethan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer found most often in children and teens. The tumor in his leg was small. Actually, it was the smallest tumor the surgeon had ever seen. Thankfully the cancer was caught early and the surgeon was able to take steps to save his leg.

After nine months of chemo and intense rehab, Ethan eventually made it back to the basketball court which was his true passion.

In the summer of 2019, cancer came back. First as tumors in his lungs, which he had removed. A month later, they found a tumor in his heart, one of the rarest places for cancer to present itself. After over 6 months of searching, Ethan and his parents finally found a surgeon that would take the chance and remove the tumor. The surgery was a success but unfortunately, Ethan suffered complications from his chemo that eventually took his life.

Like everything else he did in life, Ethan fought hard and with an attitude. He questioned every procedure and counted every pill that he took. He refused to let anybody tell him how to fight this battle. Ethan was a warrior to the very end.

How Can You Help?

Ethan's story shines a light on the need for a cure for Osteosarcoma as well as resources for families to make sure they have access to all therapeutic options available to them. His cancer was caught early but Osteosarcoma does not care when it is detected. It's aggressive cancer that destroys the lives of children and their families. Click the link below to find out how you can help find a cure so other families don't have to suffer the way that Ethan and his family have.