Austin Cohen

Austin was happy and healthy until he wasn't. Out of nowhere he had a pain. Then diagnosis of osteosarcoma. Even though he had the diagnosis, he was still able to make people laugh, that really good belly laugh. He wanted to live and make people happy. He fought hard, did everything the doctors and his parents asked, all while trying to live a normal life. He always wanted to ask his friends what’s up? How can I help you? What’s going on in your life? He didn't make it because there is not enough treatment options for osteosarcoma. He made a decision that if he didn’t make it, he wanted to donate his body to Dr Rosie Kaplans lab at NIH, to further osteosarcoma research. Hats off to Austin and Godspeed to the doctors on the front lines fighting this incredibly hard disease. Austin is missed terribly by so many and he has taught us so much.

One of Austin’s quotes is: “Man, I know y’all prob hear this alot, but seriously just do what makes you happy. Thats what its about really.” 💕💕💕