Arnav Krishna

Arnav, a nationally ranked cyclist, was ready to enter high school when he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in August 2016. Arnav adopted the mantra 'Relentless Positivity' to help him through the tough chemotherapy treatments and difficult surgeries he would need. He and his family would hold these words in their hearts through his long fight. Initially he was victorious and was cancer free for 14 months.

With all going well, Arnav started training on his bike.
On July 11, 2018, Arnav competed in nationals. What he believed was pain due to training and exertion, once again proved to not be the case. He found out that his cancer came back with a vengeance. Only this time Arnav lost his battle to cancer in December of 2018. He was just 16 years old with a lifetime ahead of him. His family and friends have adopted his mantra of “Relentless Positivity” and created the Team Arnav Foundation. Together, we are committed to eradicating osteosarcoma.

In Arnav’s words, “Cancer has made me into the person that I am now which is a lot stronger, braver, compassionate and above all appreciative. It has made me grateful for all of life's gifts and has taught me many life lessons that I will never forget. It has taught me to be positive even in the darkest of times.”