Team Arnav Virtual Bike, Walk and Run Event

Frequently Asked Questions & Progress


  • What are the different ways we can support Team Arnav Foundation's virtual events?

    • You can support the Team Arnav Foundation Virtual event in two ways:

      1. Register as a participant - walk, run, or bike. Registration is $30 per person

      2. Sponsor the event for $1000, $500 or $250. You do not have to participate in the event to sponsor the event. 

  • Does the event start on July 1st? Can we register after July 1st?

    • The event starts on July 1st. It is when we start accounting for the miles covered on a weekly basis. You can register anytime before or in July. 

  • How many activities can I send you my miles for?

    • We are considering only one activity (run, walk, or bike) per person. 

  • Whom do we contact if we are running into issues?

    • Many of you have run into issues with registering for the event on the app. We apologize for that. If you have signed up as a team member, it does not automatically add you to the event. So please make sure you register for the event.

    • Please contact us at if you need any help with the virtual event. 

  • What is the Wix app and what does it mean to be a Team Arnav member?

    • Wix app is an app we are using to build the Team Arnav site and manage the virtual event. 

    • You are not required to download or use it. You can register directly here.

  • How do I record my miles?

    • You can record your miles in two ways:

      • Preferred: Please download the Strava app and join the Team Arnav Club, we can track your miles there

      • The other way would be for you to email your walk, run or bike miles to us at

  • How often will you track my miles?

    • We will track your miles once a week.

    • A week is Sunday-Saturday starting July 1st.

  • Will I need to verify my miles for the category I am competing in?

    • Yes, leaders/winners (of the three events) will be requested to verify their miles through apps such as Strava, Mapmyride, Polar, Garmin, or any other tracker.

  • What is the deadline for me to be able to get a T-shirt?

    • We apologize, but we won't be able to send T-shirts to participants who registered past 7/6 deadline.