Chapter Leader


  • Do community service while going to school! 

  • Be a leader in your school or college. Create awareness of cancer in your community. Spread Relentless Positivity!!! 

  • Raise money for pediatric sarcoma research 

  • Get community hours for all your work 




You can be a Chapter Leader by raising a minimum of $250 from your school. 


While we encourage you to be innovative, here are some ways to get started 

  • Middle school /Lower School

    • Have a Pajama day. 

    • Sports day 


  • High School/College

    • Organize a fun run/ walk 

    • Organize dance marathon 

    • T shirt campaigns 



  • Mark a day that works best for your community 

  • Take a small donation to participate 

  • Talk about cancer and how it impacts today’s youth (We can give material) 

  • Talk about living with Relentless Positivity (We can give material) 

  • Send your donations to 

  • Receive a sticker for making the donations!! 


Most important – make a difference in the community